Abu Nawas (Nasreddin) Narrative Story "A Case of Cattle"

A long time ago in Nasreddin's village always considered their neighbor Abdullah as a very wise man. So every time they had a problem or dispute they always went to see Abdullah to ask for his advice on what they should do. Abdullah had a big book of law. Like other people in his village he also had some goats and vegetable garden Like many other people too, he loved his goats vegetable garden.

One morning a young Nasreddin rushed to his house and complained.

"Abdullah, it seems that one of your goats has entered into our vagatable garden," Nasreddin told him.

"Really?" Abdullah replied in disbelief.

"Yes and it has created a lot of damage. It means we cannot have our crop this month. We want to know what the big book of law says about that," Nasreddin explained.

"An animal doesn't have mind. So it doesn't  have any reasons," Abdullah dismissed.

"The owner cannot be held responsible for his animal's behavior. No penalty is required. Is that clear?" Abdullah explained further.

"Once again please. Sorry I didn't get your last point," said Nasreddin.

"In such a case the owner cannot be held responsible."

"I see," Nasreddin smiled meaningfully and then he said ,

"Oops I spoke wrongly Abdullah. I mean my cow has entered and damaged your vegetable garden," he rectified.

"Oh really"? Abdullah was shocked. He frowned and said "Let's see what the law states about that," Abdullah said. And he reached the big book and opened it quickly, but deep in his heart he knew that Nasreddin had played a trick on him as he always did as a smart guy at his age.

The Point
Kata as dan like. bia memiliki makda yang sama, "seperti".
Kata like bisa berfungsi sebagai kata kerja yang artinya menyukai atau sebagai preposisi yang artinya seperti.
Kata like sebagai preposisi harus diikuti oleh obyek sehingga membentuk prepositional phrase, misalnya:

1. Like other people in his village, he also has some goats and a vegetable garden.
2. Like many other people too, he loved his goats and vegetable garden.

Kalimat yang dicetak miring di atas berfumgsi sebagai frasa preposisi (preposition phrase).

Sedangkan kata as berfungsi sebagai conjunction (kata sambung) dan selalu diikuti oleh klasuda (subjek + predikat). Perhatikan contoh kalimat berikut ini:

1. Nasreddin has played a trick on him as he always does as a smart guy at his village.
2. He performed on the stage as the professional singer

Grammar Focus: Mengenal bentuk regular verb dalam Past Tense.

Pada bacaan di atas terdapat beberapa kata kerja yang perlu dipahami. Untuk menceritakan kejadian yang sudah terjadi di masa lalu seperti kisah Nasreddin, kita harus menggunakan bentuk Past Tense. Kata kerja yang digunakan adalah kata kerja bentuk kedua (Verb 2).

Demikian pembelajaran kita kali ini. Semoga bermanfaat.

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